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The artistic and creative shower curtain can definitely make your bathroom pop. Made of 100% woven polyester, the water-repellent bathroom curtain keeps water in the shower not on the floor with high resistance to water pressure. The odorless print has no scent and resists fade, stain to keep it looking clean and fresh longer. Features Unique and odorless print. Water-repellent woven polyester resists fade and stain. Reinforced shower ring holes. Easy to clean and care, machine washable. Specification Material Polyester Fabric (Environmental Friendly) eatures Decoration, Odorless, Mold & Mildew Resistant, Chlorine-Free, Waterproof Size 180L x 180W cm / 70.2" x 70.2" Pattern Shark Package Included 1 x Shower Curtain, 12 x Plastic Curtain Hooks Weight 500g
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