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This brand new CD-ROM gives you the huge resources of a major learners' dictionary, combined with the flexibility and power of state-of-the-art software. NEW WORDS Find hundreds of new words which have come into English recently - words such as: cybrarian, GM and cookie. SOUNDS At every word you can hear real sound recordings by both British and American native speakers so that you can check your pronunciation. LINK TO YOUR WORD PROCESSOR Click on a word in your Internet browser or word processor and go straight to an on-screen definition. ADVANCED SEARCHES You can search for information that you cannot find in a paper dictionary. You can find all the words related to computer in the dictionary or all the words related to angry. EXERCISES Improve your English with special interactive exercises that help your grammar and vocabulary skills. - 50,000 definitions and 100,000 examples. - 70,000 pronunciations recorded by native British and American speakers. - 1500 items illustrated, with 500 in full colour. - 3 million words of text. System requirements: - PC with a Pentium or higher processor - Microsoft Windows 95, or Windows 98 or later operating system, or Windows NT Workstation operating system version 4.0 service pack 4 or later - 16 MB of RAM - a CD-ROM drive - a Soundblaster-compatible sound card with speakers or headphones - a mouse or compatible pointing device - Super VGA, 16-bit colour or higher monitor supporting 800x600 or higher resolution
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