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Cuteroom 1:32Dollhouse Miniature DIY Kit with Cover& Music LED Light Heart of Ocean UrGifts --- DIY Dollhouse Miniature Model Kit with Clear Cover & Light Heart of Ocean Love Warm Sweet Dream House Home NEW in Box Feature: Clockwork Music Movement: Music using octave metal movement has pure tone and durable characteristics No need of batteries for music movement Transparent plexiglass sheet dust cover to prevent dust LED lamp to light the lamp more power than the average 60% or more when the battery is more durable Led light bulbs and wires already soldered White wire is positive electrode and Black for the negative electrode can be clearly distinguished Safe and non-toxic Pretty and interesting Different realistic designs & vivid color Stimulates children's brain development by series of playing Developing the thinking skill and logic sense of children Specific: Brand:Cutroom Full Assembly Size 19.6*10*13.5cm Music:Meet Figure Material: Wood, Cloth, Plastic with Environment Friendly paint,Transparent plexiglass Product Configuration: wooden floor, exposure control battery box, color brochures, LED lights, white latex, cloth, wood, etc. Weight around 0.6Kg Age 7+ WARNING: Choking hazard_small parts. Not for children under 7 years. Not includ the little man Package: 1xHeart of Ocean Kit
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