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Ambient temperature: -50'C~+70'C; Relative humidity: up to 98% at +40'C; Atmospheric pressure: up to 44kpa; Vibration: vibration frequency 10~100Hz acceleration 100m/s2; Impact: Frequency of 60~80 beats / min acceleration of 250m/s2; Centrifugal: acceleration 250m/s2; Feature: Rated voltage: 2-pin 3-pin 4-pin rated voltage is 400V; 5-pin 6-pin 7-pin 8-pin rated voltage 250V; Rated current: 5A; Contact resistance: each contract is not over 0.005 ohm; Insulation resistance: Normal conditions not less than 1000m ohm Constant temperature not less than 20m ohm; Testing voltage: (50Hz) under normal operation 2-pin 3-pin 4-pin is 1500V 5-pin 7-pin is 1200V; Constant temperature testing voltage: 2-pin 3-pin 4-pin is 1200V 5-pin 7-pin is 1000V; Centrifugal: singe pin is 1~3N the total centrifugal is 1.5 times of the sum of the single centrifugal upper limit; life time: push in and pull out 500 times the connector not appear damaged.
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