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Brand CASEMAN Model AOS2-31 Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color Grey Material Nylon Compatible Camera Models Universal Inner Dimension 25 x 22 x 11cm Other Features Shoulder band length: 120cm; Surface water resistant nylon materials; Breathable and wearing resistance; Comfortable to use; Outer size: 35cm x 14cm x 26cm; Humane dual-side quickly pick design both left and right side can pick camera; Backside with 10mm sponge pad design with a zipper pocket for small gadgets storage; Wearing on waist and shoulder; Suitable for Canon 5DIII / 5DII / 7D / 60D / 600D Nikon D800 / D700 / D90 / D300S / D60 Packing List 1 x Camera bag 1 x Waterproof cover

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