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This GAME BOY PLAY with large capacity will make your laptop or desktop applications run almost instantly, web pages spawn faster, and files copy in a short time. GAME BOY PLAY supports NCQ & TRIM, offering you better gaming experience. MARVELL Controller This SSD adopts 28mm MARVELL controller with LDCP technology, providing good and stable performance. SATA III Interface Compatible with laptop with SATA II, convenient to operate. 500MB/s Read Speeds Make it faster for computer booting, program starting, web page loading etc. 7mm Ultra-slim Shockproof, low power consumption, low noise. This SSD fits for laptop or desktop. Specifications Brand OV Series GAME BOY PLAY Name Solid state drive Capacity 120/240GB(optional) Interface SATA III, compatible with SATA II Size 2.5" Controller MARVELL Read Speed Up to 500MB/s Write Speed Up to 370MB/s Product Weight 78g Product Size (L x W x H) 100 x 70 x 7 mm Package Contents 1 x OV GAME BOY PLAY SATA III Solid State Drive
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