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The first production of Konigskinder on film. Konigskinder follows the tumultuous story of the rugged King's Son, and the beautiful Goose-girl. After a chance meeting in the woods, the Konigskind (Jonas Kaufmann — "the fairy-tale prince of most opera-goers' dreams" — Financial Times) and the Goose-girl (Isabel Rey) fall desperately in love. However, the Goose-girl is unable to leave with the Konigskind, as she is trapped by a witch's spell. Eventually the lovers are reunited, but no sooner than they set eyes on each other, they are cast out by the townsfolk. The opera is brought to a heartbreaking close when hunger forces the starving couple to eat the witch's poisoned bread, which inevitably leads to their tragic demise.Konigssohn - Jonas KaufmannGansemagd - Isabel ReySpielmann - Oliver WidmerHexe - Liliana NikiteanuHolzhacker - Reinhard MayrBesenbinder - Bogustaw BidzinskiSein Tochterchen - Marie-Therese AlbertRatsaltester - Kai Florian BischoffWirt - Tomasz StawinskiWirtstochter - Anja SchlosserSchneider - Miroslav ChristoffStallmagd - Wiebke LehmkuhlTorwachter - Pablo Ricardo Bemsch,George HumphreysEine Frau - Susanne Grobholz

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