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Recorded live in the sumptuous surroundings of Milan's Teatro alia Scala. which witnessed the works second performance in 1874: a magnificent live concert of Verdi's Messa da Requiem, released for the composer's centenary year. Daniel Barenboim ("One of the great artists of our time" - Vienna Kurier) leads an elite quartet of the world's greatest singers, including tenor Jonas Kaufmann and La Scale's internationally renowned chorus and orchestra in a performance that mas acclaimed by the international press for its thrilling impact. "Daniel Barenboim's personal expressivity guided every moment ... a rapturously received, near-perfect performance of this challenging work." (Munich Abendzeitung)Tracklist: 01. Opening And Applause 02. Requiem: Requiem Aeternam 03. Requiem: Kyrie Eleison 04. Dies Irae: Dies Irae 05. Dies Irae: Tuba Mirum 06. Dies Irae: Mors Stupebit Bass07. Dies Irae: Liber Scriptus 08. Dies Irae: Quid Sum Miser 09. Dies Irae: Rex Tremendae Majestatis 10. Dies Irae: Recordare 11. Dies Irae: Ingemisco 12. Dies Irae: Confutatis Maledictis 13. Dies Irae: Lacrimosa 14. Offertorio: Domine Jesu Christe 15. Offertorio: Hostias 16. Sanctus 17. Agnus Dei 18. Communio: Lux Aeterna 19. Libera Me: Libera Me, Domine 20. Libera Me: Dies Irae 21. Libera Me: Requiem Aeternam 22. Libera Me: Libera Me, Domine 23. Applause And Credits
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