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Live At Montreux 2011 Filmed on the closing night of the 2011 festival, this concert features Deep Purple playing their classic hits with the accompaniment of a full orchestra conducted by Stephen "BK" Bentley-Klein. The orchestral arrangements give added depth and colour to the familiar songs and Deep Purple respond with one of their finest performances. Deep Purple and Montreux have a long history together, as immortalised in "Smoke On The Water", and this wonderful concert adds even more to that legend. Содержание: 01. Deep Purple Overture / Highway Star02. Hard Lovin' Man03. Maybe I'm A Leo 04. Strange Kind Of Woman05. Rapture Of The Deep06. Woman From Tokyo07. Contact Lost 08. When A Blind Man Cries 09. The Well Dressed Guitar10. Knocking At Your Back Door11. Lazy12. No One Came 13. Don Airey Solo14. Perfect Strangers15. Space Truckin`16. Smoke On The Water17. Hush18. Black Night
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